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Tips for Speaking

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Pace & Volume
Many people mistakenly believe that dictating means speaking slowly and loudly. Imagine you were speaking to a friend who is standing close to you. Speak naturally at a normal pace, without pausing between words. If you speak too quickly or slowly the secretary or speech recognition software may not recognize what you want to say.



Pronounce words normally, do not over-enunciate. Try to refrain from speaking in a dialect and using colloquial or slang words. Be careful not to let your voice drop when saying short words such as the, that, a, or an, and spell out any difficult names or words.



Make sure you pronounce words clearly and structure your sentences in a clear, orderly way. It helps if your recording has a beginning, middle and an end.



Dictating will require more concentration than casual speaking or even writing. It is therefore recommended you record in a quiet room, without any distractions. Turn all other electronic devices such as mobile phones off whilst you are recording.



Eliminate undesired noises
Refrain from habits such as eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum whilst recording. Try not to click your tongue or make "um" noises between words. Eliminate any background noises such as music coming from a radio, as this may confuse the speech recognition software or transcriptionist.


Absence of body language
Whilst recording you need to remember that the other person/machine cannot see you. Refrain from using any gestures that affect the message of your recording.