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  • NEW Philips VideoTracer DVT3120 body-worn recorder - providing you with crystal clear evidence when you need it.
  • Find out more about the NEW SpeechExec Pro Dictation and speech recognition software
  • Smart recording on the go, allowing you to work more flexibly than ever before.
  • What do you need to record? Philips have a range optimized for Notes, Conversations, Lectures, Music and Meetings
  • Dictation has never been easier
  • Command greater productivity with the Dragon! Record your thoughts and have them transcribed to text.
  • Philips has a solution for every meeting environment!
  • See for yourself why Philips dictation products are the preferred choice of so many companies
  • Get more information on Bosch meeting solutions

What do you want to record?

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    2Mic Stereo Recording... click here

    Recording in noisy environments can be a hassle. The DVT2510 features two built-in stereo microphones which are designed to reduce background noise.

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    AutoAdjust+ Recording... click here

    Recording in different environments is often a challenge. The DVT4010 automatically adjusts the appropriate sound parameters for crystal clear recording.

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    3Mic AutoZoom+ Recording... click here

    Remote recording demands best-in-class microphones. The innovative 3Mic zoom system on the DVT6010 adapts the zoom level to the distance automatically.

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    3Mic HighFidelity Recording... click here

    The DVT6500 enables you to capture the original audio sound as authentically as possible. It comes with a wireless remote for easy convenience.

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    360-degree Meeting Recording... click here

    Philips have different meeting recording kits to suit different size meetings - all come with revolutionary boundary-layer microphones which pick up sound from a 360-degree radius.

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    Philips Dictation Solutions... click here

    Philips dictation solutions allow you to create high quality dictation files and send them electronically to your typist. Dictation has never been that easy!

Philips SpeechLive - Free up your calendar!

Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution

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